May 16, 2007

"You Give Me Miles and Miles of Mountains And I'll Ask for What I Give to You"

That camera faced girl is my fellow blogger shan. I believe our friend Ivry took that photo. I love this picture.
There are so many thing I could say about the person who I'm essentially focusing on. Thing is, you see, I don't really ... know ... what I'm talking about when I talk about this guy, because he hasn't touched my heart like he has so many others. I think he's damn good, don't get me me wrong, but the level of adoration other have for him is, for me, all ready equaled by artists like the Mountain Goats.

That doesn't mean he's not blog worthy!

Damien Rice is a god amongst men, which, if one could not tell from his music, one can surely tell from his following. These people are essentially the Dethklok fans of singer/songwriting, signing their pain waivers at the door, knowing well what they're getting themselves into, and doing it all the same. In shan's words, "It hurts so good." He makes you want to implode into your own soul, just so you can feel remotely full again, but sometimes pain like that is refreshing, and, to a certain degree, cleansing. I've yet to learn the depths of this feeling in relation to Damien Rice, but I'm learning. Learn with me:

Band: Damien Rice
Date: 2003-09-24
Venue: Studio C: Cities 97


since that set is so short, here's another:

Band: Damien Rice
Date: 2003-09-26
Venue: KBCO Studios (Colorado bitches!)

Intro + opening three notes to Wind Cries Mary
Conversation about Vivian and Cheers Darlin'
Older Chests

And since collectively those two equal about half a real set, here is a set for a frequent opener for Damien (this was recorded right before a Damien set [I feel bad putting this here because it doesn't give it the focus it really needs, because this is such a beautiful set, but it goes with the theme ... and I'm all about themes...]):

Band: Kate Earl
Date: 2005-06-30
Venue: Le Trianon

Someone to Love
Cry Sometimes
Come This Far
When You're Older

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