May 20, 2007

"BANG, BANG, ROCK & ROLL!"/Everything You'll Ever Need By Art Brut

urban cowboy.

There are about 4 songs by Art Brut, including their new album, that anyone really has any need to have. Well, this acoustic set I have by them is actually pretty good, but beside that, it's all rubbish. I'm not saying their bad people, I'm just saying that ... dear lhoard their tunes are tame, all because of the "singer." Seriously, I think they'd be a respectable, and damn good, band if they weren't dragged down by the gimmicky vocals provided by Eddie Argos. I don't know much about these party-people, and I don't really care to know any more than that. All you need to know is this:

(side note: that's not to say they don't have an outrageous live show. SEE THEM LIVE!)

Art Brut - Formed a Band
Art Brut - Emily Kane
Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll
Art Brut - Direct Hit

Band: Art Brut
Date: 2005-10-25
Venue: Session: Planet Claire

Formed a Band (acoustic)
Rusted Guns of Milan (acoustic)
Modern Art (acoustic)
Moving to L.A. (acoustic)
Bang Bang Rock & Roll (acoustic)
My Little Brother (acoustic)
These Animal Menswear (acoustic)

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