May 17, 2007

"sing this hook ohhee hoo sing this hook ohheee ohhh, this is all that matters, sing this hook... " is what JJ thinks the lyrics to Atlas are

The Lovemakers - Shake That Ass

I am in a DAmn good mood (thus the "shake that ass" video). I love good news, even if it's just "better news."

And on top of that, hot damn, I've been introduced to 1 hell of a great band, one that goes by the name Battles. I'm sad to say this is old news, but I'm still happy I heard at all.

Apparently the ex-drummer from the well-renowned Helmet, John Stanier, along side other, avant musicians, got together and made a bunch of really awesome music, stuff that can only really be understood once heard. So, here it is:

Battles - HI/LO
Battles - Dance
Battles - IPT2

(you can stream their entire new Cd [which features none of these songs] from their myspace)

And this hotter than hot-shit video, which features my favie by them:
Battles - Atlas

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