May 7, 2007

"I Tried to Put Myself on the Album As Little As Possible"

Ever hear of the South Park Music Festival? Well if you haven't, you're missin out. Last year was quite the experience if I may say so myself. As it turns out, the creators of the SPMF have teamed up with another festival, called The Monolith Music Fest., which was recently announced, and who else but myself is super-freeking-stoked about it. Well, I think it has some potential, but seeming how no bands as of yet have been officially announced as attending, I can't be too excited. But I sometimes have problems with things like that.

You know who else has problems but we love her not only despite them, but for them? Nellie McKay.

My top 4 Banterers:
1) Dan Deacon
2) Colin Meloy
3) John Darnielle
4) Nellie McKay

This woman has a lot to say, and dear Lhoard does she have the weirdest way of saying most of it. I love a good banterer because, if you're listening to a live set (as opposed to actually being there) it really draws you in, and, if you are there, it makes the connection between you and the artist so much more intense.

Because this set has so many tracks to it, i've decided to .rar that bizzle for those of you who might want the whole set, but don't want to d/l the entire set song by song

Recorded by NPR.

Band: Nellie McKay
Date: 2007-03-27
Venue: Birchmere Music Hall, Alexandria, VA

Here is the .rar'd set.

Inner Peace
(New Song)
Pink Chandelier
[NPR-Style Banter]
Long & Lazy River
The Dog Song
I Wanna Get Married
[NPR-Style Banter]
There You Are In Me
(New Song)
Happy Birthday to Miriam
I Am Nothing
(New Song)
It's A Pose
[NPR-Style Banter/Song]
(New Song)
Won't U Please B Nice To Me
Columbia Is Bleeding
(Unknown Song)
[NPR-Style Banter/Song]
Happy Flower
Real Life (screw up)
Real Life (screw up again)
[NPR-Style Banter]
Toto Dies
Real Life (sucessful attempt :))
[NPR-Style Banter]
The Big One
The Big One (Sung By Child Audience Member)
Suitcase Song
[NPR Wrap-up]

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JJ said...

damn luke....

i need to get you out more lol