March 19, 2007

"Well I Abandoned him A Time Ago"

that's Dropping Daylight, being funny :). they're odd boys.

An artist going by Dead Heart Bloom recently let his second "child," which he has named "Chelsea Diaries" out into the world, and is, I would assume, awaiting some sort reaction. My guess is he will get about as much press as he did before, because, while the album is undeniably good, it's not overwhelmingly interesting. One thing it does have is soul, and, somehow, that makes it a little bit more infectious each time you listen to it, and that the lyrics are damn good. A few tracks stand out:

Dead Heart Bloom - Who Will You Love
Dead Heart Bloom - Chelsea Song #2
Dead Heart Bloom - Save The last Verse For Me

To me he sounds like an everyday version of Paleo, Lennon, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson mixed together. The trouble is we've all ready got them. Thankfully, I can't help but have the feeling that the man behind Dead Heart Bloom, Boris Skalsky, is going to lose any sleep over this, seeming how he is offering his new album for free from his website, much like he did his last album.

If you happen to see that he is coming to a town near you, check him out there, he is supposed to be one enchanting fellow.

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