March 13, 2007

I have 10 friends and a crow bar that says you aint gonna do jack

Hello my name is JJ and I do a little blog over at Karma Spares No One from time to time. Me and Luke are pretty good friends and we thought we would switch blogs for a day. What i didn't plan on was how diverse our styles would actually be. He did a great post on a mellow little folk dude and im doing one on the most violent lyrics known to

Hit the Lights-"Bodybag"
You're gonna need a bodybag,
I'll break bones you didn't know you had.
When I'm done there will be nothing left of you
for your friends to hold on to
when they find you cold and blue tonight...
Face down in the parking lot

This is about the only song I like from them, I think it's the poppy sound plus the really scary lyrics that sell this one for me. The album title "This is a Stick up...don't Make it a Murder" also makes me happy just because of Sheree originality. There was a time when I would say this to people in the halls for no reason other then to see their face react...a bit odd of me i know...


Brand New-"Seventy Times 7"
Have another drink and drive yourself home.
I hope there's ice on all the roads.
And you can think of me when you forget your seat belt,
and again when your head goes through the windshield

I like this one mainly because of the back story with TBS and the brutally honest lyrics. Apparently this fude has blown over, but when I saw Brand New this summer they still did this song to much applause. I had a hard time picking a part of the song i liked best but that's what I came up with. A must for every fan.
Jessy Lacey=God
Live in Boulder

(+44)-"No it isnt"
Please understand
This isn't just goodbye
This is I can't stand you
This is where the road crashed into the ocean
It rises all around me
And now we're barely breathing
A thousand faces we'll choose to ignore

Many people feel that this is about the blink break up, either way I think its a great all around song. The wavering voice and finality of the lyrics really make this a great song for me. I don't really care what it's about, I think its a nice step for a band with big expectations

No It isnt.mp3

Underoath-"I dont Feel very Receptive Today"
I haven't talked in days
And I'm really not too sure
What I sound like anymore
My vision has gone and my mouth is full, is full of sores

This one isn't about the lyrics...I just like the title. Plus the title of my post comes from an older underOath song. While this one doesn't really fit the pattern I think it's dark enough to work on some levels.

I Dont Feel Very Receptive Today.mp3
Underoath Video that is completly unrelated to either song

Well that's me, I'm headed to class. Hope all of you swing by my blog and leave me lots and lots of comments.

Rock on

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