March 9, 2007

"AH! Ze People Have Spoken! We Sing The Song in French! Excelent."

That is the best
damn Picture of Bjork
Eva! agree?

I personally think that the Dresden Dolls are highly underrated ... by most that is. Some people highly overrate them, but, in truth, I think that is a small portion of the population. I think that they should be commended for making it as big as they have for the type of music they're playing.

Like everyone else, I think Amanda Palmer's voice is a little annoying sometimes, but, all in all, she has not only a unique voice but knows damn well how to use it.

Here is my favorite performance of my favorite song by them, live in Atlanta, GA 3/27/04 (Brian Viglione on guitar):

Amsterdam (Sung in English)

The reason I post that song in particular is because during the show that I've posted below, they perform the cover, but it's not the best performance of it (in my opinion). it is, however, a unique performance of it, because they switch it up and Amanda sings the damn thing in French, which impressed the hell outta me.

I thin another awesome think to note about this show is that Peaches joined in two songs. It's pretty awesome/

Band: The Dresden Dolls
Date: 2006-04-30
Venue: the Donaufestival, Messehalle Krems, Krems, Austria

Sex Changes
Missed Me
Cosmic Dancer
Amsterdam (Sung in French) (Jacques Brel cover)
Happy Birthday (Feat. Peaches)
Coin Operated Boy
Girl Anachronism
War Pigs (Feat. Peaches)

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