March 20, 2007

Some French Words, Incomprehensible Screaming, then "Sha, Sha, Sha"

Few things make me do this:

But finding live sets from bands who I've only, up to this point, thought of as rumor and hearsay, is one of those things. (I'm so lying, I'm excited by so much it's not even funny). As mentioned in a blog a little while ago, Fly Pan Am is one of very, very many bands to come about after the schism of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Realistically, not much is known about them except what's on their wiki, so I won't claim to know more than the fine people who combined their knowledge to create that fine article. With no further ado, here it is, the only live music by this band I think I've ever been able to track down (you can get their studio stuff here):

Band: Fly Pan Am
Date: 2004-10-15
Venue: La Salla Rosa, Montreal, QC, Canada

Pas à pas step until
Efferant Afferant
Vos rêves revers
Jonathan est toujours plein d'effets
Brûlez suivant, suivante !
Encore 1
Encore 2, Outro

PS:'s video section is my new favorite thing. take this for example:
(Fake) Nutrigrain Ad

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Julio Enriquez said...

are you serious? really, was that you on stage, that girl that was next to you with glasses and very skinny looks very familiar....hmmm...