March 26, 2013

Retroview: Tuff Fest I: Movie 5: THE THING

A Retroview Review. 
Luke here, back with a new limited series where I talk about like 60 movies over the next 60 days. Click here for an explanation. Read on for the quick and dirty review!

There are few movies that occupy the upper echelon of movies I consider good (there are a lot of good movies, but few perfect is what I'm saying). I bring this up because, obviously, The Thing is one of the few movies I consider basically perfect. From the terrifically chilling soundtrack to the stellar performances from every cast member, from Rob Bottin's godlike visual effects mastery to the straight up bonkers premise, from the brilliant cinematography to the spot on look into the human psyche, John Carpenter's The Thing is an unstoppable behemoth of a movie. No matter how many times I see it, the sense of terror present during my first seeing it surfaces again in new and bizarre ways. It's flat out an effective movie. And if you haven't see it, I envy you, because you get to see it for the first time now that you're going to go out and see it right away.

-Luke Hunter James-Erickson
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