March 12, 2013

Retroview: Tuff Fest I: Movie 2: Days Of Being Wild

A Retroview Review. 
Luke here, back with a new limited series where I talk about like 60 movies over the next 60 days. Click here for an explanation. Read on for the quick and dirty review!

The first of Wong Kar-wai’s informal trilogy, Days of Being Wild is a slow, contemplative, mood focused film that follows around a Hong Kong playboy’s exploits with one woman, whom he quickly becomes bored of, and another whom he can’t seem to rid himself of. The movie explores courting, copulation, certain people’s compulsion to constantly remain on the hunt, and the inevitable emotional fallout that all of these things may bring about. It’s a sad movie, and moving, but it is certainly not for everyone. Bring your patience and be prepared to let it wash over you and you may find it rewarding.

-Luke Hunter James-Erickson
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