March 19, 2013

Retroview: Tuff Fest I: Movie 3: In the Mood For Love

A Retroview Review. 
Luke here, back with a new limited series where I talk about like 60 movies over the next 60 days. Click here for an explanation. Read on for the quick and dirty review! 

Wong Kar-wai’s second in his informal trilogy, In the Mood for Love is the most accessible of the three. Faster paced than Days of Being Wild, more concise than 2046, In the Mood For Love is a heartbreaking exploration of the processes of losing a lover to infidelity. It’s still very much a contemplative movie, slow and deliberate, but more emotionally charged. There are conversations that are so unbelievably hard to watch that I felt uncomfortable just being in the same room as the movie. The soundtrack comes in gracefully during emotional moments, causing the heart to swell and one's breath to freeze in their lungs. It's a desperately beautiful movie.

-Luke Hunter James-Erickson
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