May 8, 2012

You're Gonna Miss Me (2005)

Hey kiddos, I'm back with a short series on some documentaries I've seen recently that I enjoyed.
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You're Gonna Miss Me
The 13th Floor Elevators/first psychedelic rock band's lead man Roky Erickson's documentary.  I can really only compare this documentary to The Devil and Daniel Johnston, if you took out the support system that Daniel Johnston has.  Everyone in Roky's life, at the beginning of the doc, either wants nothing to do with him (for various personal reasons), or wants to control him in the way they see fit.  And by the end of it, people's roles may change, but it's essentially the same situation.  This one is a downer.  It's a musician's window into mental illness. You're Gonna Miss Me is most terrifying when you realize that it's not a warning against drug use, or the dangers of Rock 'n' Roll, but a story about how some people are just born unlucky, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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