January 25, 2008

"I'm Gonna Chase the Sky Forever"

So... there's this improv Jazz show down in Belmar tonight and members of Nightshark are going to be performing in it ... but I'm a little sick and I don't travel well when sick ... but, from what I've heard, my friends will mostly be busy with doing their own respective things this evening, so I'm a little torn (I'm all out of faith) to say the least... I guess we'll see how I feel around 6 PM. But, for now, here is a couple write ups of a few albums I've been listening to the last couple days:

Cat Power - Jukebox
Love (<)
After getting my immediate disappointment that her version of "Metal Heart" was not a cover of Accept, but was, in fact, a cover of herself, I listened to the rest of the album and, really, rather enjoyed myself. Her dry, sultry voice coupled with that funky keyboard makes for some sex-tacular music. Not the mention she covers Hank Williams.
Cat Power - Ramblin (Wo)Man (Hank Williams Cover)
Cat Power - Silver Stallion (Lee Clayton Cover)
Cat Power - A Woman Left Lonely (Janis Joplin)

Here I Come Falling - Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory
Didn't Like (ø)
These boys certainly have the whole "guttural yell" thing and the "screamo scream" thing down. Also the "crooning." Not to mention the chugging guitars and bass. Blast Beats ... can't forget blast beats. Honestly, I was bored by the album. Probably the only interesting part of the album was the interlude. Check that, there was one fairly nice song other than the interlude.
Here I Come Falling - The Birds In The Sky, The Fish In The Sea (Interlude)
Here I Come Falling - There's A Lion On The Loose

The Real People - The Joys of Losing Weight
Verdict: Like ()
It's good and fun, but rather amateurish, which makes a whole lot of sense under the circumstances. It honestly sounds like a lot of local artists around Denver, experimental, electro acoustic stuff. Condon's worldly travels begin to shine through in certain parts, and hints of Beirut are fairly prominent, but it's still no Beirut album
The Real People - Untitled (Track 4)
The Real People - Untitled (Track 8)
The Real People - Untitled (Track 14)

To My Boy - Messages
Like ()
Another one of those 2000's bands that's trying to bring back the 80's, but that doesn't mean that the album isn't hilarious and, honestly, rather good and dancy. the Lyrics are gloriously un-thought-provoking, but in that there is a certain amount of charm. However, it gets a little hold
To My Boy - Eureka
To My Boy - Tell Me Computer
To My Boy - Outerregions

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