January 1, 2008

'07's Music to Love More Than Music: Love, pt. 8

Wolves In the Throne Room - Two Hunters
It's ambient-ish, it's horribly well composed, it's all the rage ... ladies and gentlemen, I give you Post Black Metal:
Wolves In the Throne Room - Vastness and Sorrow

The Snake The Cross The Crown - Cotton Teeth
Mellow melodic alt. country/folk rock. It puts to mind images of wintery Nebraskan fields in the old west times.
The Snake The Cross The Crown - Maps

The Bravery - The Sun and the Moon
I do love these boys. Ever since Honest Mistake came out I was hooked. They keep up the "intensity" they had in the first album, keeping things mellow and chill at times, but always brimming with energy, even if it is a little reserved at times. Love it.
The Bravery - Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear

The Great Lakes Myth Society - Compass Rose Bouquet
A Kind of hopeful that is scary for other people to witness. It almost like what Irish bluegrass folk musicians would write if they just heard about the concept of punk, without actually hearing what punk is. Orchestral at times, always a treat.
The Great Lakes Myth Society - Queen of the Barley Fool

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