February 16, 2007

Monofog Consumes You

That's just an unrelated video by an amazing band by the name of mewithoutyou. Buy their music ... all of it ... all the time.

I really love local music. I think that it is just about the best thing ever. I'm big on supporting them, and hyping them as much as possible.

A few weeks ago one of my favorites, Monofog, had a CD release party/concert at the Larimer Lounge, and it was freeking amazing. They were supported by the Denver phenomenon that is The Magic Cyclops, followed by Fucking Orange, and Machine Gun Blues. The show started off awkwardly with an always peculiar Cyclops set, but then Fucking Orange, who I was seeing for the first time, destroyed. They were the nicest punks I think I've ever seen on or off the stage. They were just happy to play, which I think is the best way to be. Here's some music by my boys in Fucking Orange (which pales in comparison to their live show, but that pretty much goes without saying):

Fucking Orange - Whisky Challenge
Fucking Orange - Neohesh Begins

Machine Gun Blues took the stage, and proceeded to get mostly naked. Naked and drunk they might have been, but they sure knew how to get a crowd movin. Granted a fair portion was moving away from them so as not to be impaled by a guitar neck, but moving nonetheless.

Then Monofog took the stage, and right about here is where my beer buzzed brain started poping and locking internally. I loves me some Monofog. I may have been the only person dancing, but everyone was having a splendid time. Here is some tunes off of their glorious album Runner:

Monofog - Take My Flesh (My Personal Favie)
Monofog - iou

If you have a chance, see them, and they will eat your soul (but in a good way).

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