February 12, 2007

Part 1 of: A Song or Two By Every Prodigy-Related Group/Artist , By Memory

That's the only video Flint ever made. It's for Aim4.

So, mostly because I am obsessed with The Prodigy, I've decided to test myself and see how many different bands/groups/artists/whatev that are related to the Prodigy in some way (but all musically), if that makes any sense. Here goes (btw, there is no order, this is just coming out as I remember them):

First I'll start with side projects. Keith Flint, the face of the Prodigy has attempted a few side projects, none of which has actually resulted in the release of a full length. His first public attempt at a side project was a punk band Keith named after himself, Flint. the band, consisting of live Prodigy guitarist Jim Davies (also ex-Pitchshifter, who will come up later), live Prodigy drummer Kieron Pepper, and ... I believe Tony Howlett (I'm not sure on the first name), who is of no relation to Liam Howlett, who, interestingly enough, was also on drum kit. They released 1 CD single (Aim4), and 1 vinyl single (Asteroids) on pink vinyl none the less, and remixed/covered Marylin Manson's song mOBSCENE. (Which I find infinitely amusing because post Fat of the Land, MM was quoted as saying that he had a picture of Keith Flint's face on the bottom of the toilet seat cover so that whenever he "missed," it never felt like missing).

After recording their album Device #1, it was never released, though it was leaked (and is really not all that hard to find, so I won't be posting it here). Most of it anyway. There was also a cruel joke someone pulled on fans of the music that was, basically, tricking people into believing the two unreleased songs were free for d/l on a certain site, and, when d/l'ed and played, one could clearly hear that the "songs" were just 30 second samples looped over and over for 3 minutes. The whole thing was not a waste however, because, while Liam Howlett took the Flint song No Name No Number and turned it into his song Baby's Got a Temper (which is a godawful song), Liam Howlett also took the Flint song Razor, remixed it, and put it on the Prodigy Best of bonus disc.

Flint - Aim4
Flint - Razor + No Name No Number
Flint - mOBSCENE (reworked by Flint and Youth)

After the failure of Flint, Keith decided to try hip-hop. WTF most people way to that. Well, people didn't get a whole lot of time to say WTF, because after only a few months, Clever Fryin' Brains, Keith's Black Eyed Peas style, 6 membered, hip-hop mixed with a dash of punk band/group, disband. I hear, however, that the shows were simply fantastic. I dunno. I guess it would have been exceedingly entertaining if anything. Bah, who'm I kidding, if I'd have been near, I'd have gone in a second. There were only two songs recorded and released, and one was a mix. Here they are:

Clever Fryin 'Brains - Oozy
Clever Fryin 'Brains - Mix for Godskitchen

After the demise of Clever Fryin 'Brains, Keith has stuck firmly to his gardening (no joke), his new wife, and the money making machine that is The Prodigy.

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