February 21, 2007

Fight Robot, Fight. I Know You Will Win.

I can't believe I haven't done a post about my boys Seve Vs. Evan yet.

The first time I went to Rhinoceropolis was to see this band who was being hyped by at least two people (hehe). I basically just went to get a new experience in and see some super-underground live music. I'll tell you right now: it blew me freeking away. I don't remember who the first two groups were ... possibly an early incarnation of Transistor Radio Sound ... whatev. Anyway, Seve vs. Evan rocked the freeking house down with their awesome Provo-party-style (yeah, yeah, I know their not from Provo, but Alpine doesn't have the same ring to it). Here are some tracks by my boys that you can take home and rock out with:

Seve Vs. Evan - Albert (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)
Seve Vs. Evan - Little Red and Wolfie B. (remake for By the Sea EP)
Seve Vs. Evan - Lady Lady (off of Steam Powered Rocket Ship)
Seve Vs. Evan - Happy Together (The Turtles Cover)

Shortly after the release of their By The Sea EP, Sam Yule did some wonderful covers of their songs (which kind of made Drew Danburry upset, because apparently he was planning on doing the same, but Sam Yule beat him to it) and hosted them for free on myspace, which means I have no qualms hosting them all right here:

Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Mega Bomberman (off of By The Sea EP)
Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Take Me Home (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)
Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Company (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)
Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Seven Seas (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)

There is a cover of Little Red and Wolfie B. on the Sam Yule Vs. Sevan site which, by the looks of it, went up not too long ago. it's not available for download, so you'll have to hear it there.

Since I couldn't find any live sets by them, these videos will have to do. They are all from the Live Seve Vs. Evan DVD. Thankfully the sound is straight from the sound board, so it's really pretty good :). I don't know the actual order of when the songs were performed, but I'd say this is a fair assumption:

Band: Seve Vs. Evan
Date: January, 2006
Venue: Velour, Provo, Utah

Carnival Funhouse

Night of the Lonely Cowboy

Excuse Me Mr. Captain Sir

Angry Unicorn Queen


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