July 3, 2012

Page One: Inside the New York Times (2011)

Hey kiddos, I'm back with a short series on some documentaries I've seen recently that I enjoyed.
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Page One: Inside the New York Times
Page One's subtitle only gives away about half of what this movie is about.  During the "inside the NYT" parts of the movie, where we watched "real journalism" take place, I was bored. Now, I know the inside of a newspaper office can't all be like a paper version of News Radio, but I really would have liked to see a little bit more hustle.  Or even a little bustle.  But I was left hanging.

The other half of Page One is composed of a history of the NYT, and a chronicling of not only its decline, but the decline of the newspaper as a medium.  This part of the movie was fun, but still not all that engaging.  The most entertaining parts of the movie were when we followed around a rough-and-tumble, from-the-gutter-to-the-executive-suite journalist David Carr, whose gruff, no BS attitude coupled with his professionalism and knowledge gave way to several deeply entertaining confrontations.  Past those parts though, I can't say my interest was held for very long.

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