June 19, 2011

SLM Mixtape 1: PsychiCop

While I'm readying the next part to my RB/Friday series, Ive decided to start making mixes of music I've been listening to.  This one comes from a few weeks ago, but it'll kinda give you a taste for what I'll be up to.  I may include a link for downloads too, but not this time, for now, here's the mix:

Gnod - Shaken From Safety
NEU! - Drive (Grundfunken)
Cologne Tape - Render IV
Pocahaunted - Untitled 02 (Live at the OCCII Le Club Suburbia 22 june 2009)
Pharaoh Overlörd - Slow City
Pharaoh Overlörd - Octagon
Battles - Hi / Lo
zombie zombie - driving this road until death sets you free

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