April 7, 2011

New Site, pt. 1

I hated blogging.  I did it for all the wrong reasons.  I would be sent all sorts of stuff, and feel obligated to review it, because the people were putting themselves out on a limb, and essentially taking a potential loss with just giving me the music when they have every right to charge for it.  I would go to shows and even to festivals that I just didn't care about, and give them lukewarm reviews.  The performers were good at playing their instruments, I just didn't care for the music.

I stopped knowing what I liked to listen to. (!) I would just listen to everything, attempt to find "merit" in it, and write about it, never listening to it again.  I look back at the archives of Someone To Love More Than Music, and am puzzled by the things I find, rediscovering bands that I apparently liked enough to write about, but no longer remember.  A lot of the stuff I gave lukewarm reviews to I just couldn't see myself caring about ever again.  That kind of goes for the stuff the I gave good reviews...

I had to end it, I had to get out, and it was hard, but I think it was for the best.  I've been learning to love again.  Love More again.  I must say I am in love with music.  That said, I must also mention that I am a lover of all medias.  Music, movies, books, visual arts, dance, etc.

I've noticed myself becoming more and more passive, less critical, less of a thinking being in general, content to take in without a second thought.  I've become more of a consumer than a creator, and while both states are fine, I prefer to have a healthy mix of the two.

So I am starting again, and it'll be different this time.  This time I'll try to talk about all the things I love, if only to keep my mind sharp, to better understand my own tastes and opinions, and, honestly, to continue honing my writing abilities.

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