May 19, 2009

One For the Team - Build a Garden EP
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I was unfamiliar with One For the Team until only recently when they did a Daytrotter session, and, after picking up their new EP, I do have to say I think these guys are simply wonderful. Catchy, simple, and summery, Build a Garden has this "around the campfire" feeling to it that cannot be denied ... they will simply smile and nod at you, singing louder, until you sing and sway with them. Thing is this is not entirely unenjoyable.

The downfall of some of the ablum is that the campfire motif doesn't really translate well to the album world, because we, well ... I, want something different than the last song (as opposed to campfire songs who's purpose is mainly to warm your heart and sing your lungs out), and a couple of the songs kind of feel and sound similar to each other. Luckily, there are only a few songs on the album that are a little interchangeable, but because of the fact that it is an EP, short by nature, it's a little disappointing, considering the strengths of each of the individual songs.

I have only heard this one album and the few songs on the myspace, and I have to say they're very talented, and I think it was very brave of them to branch out and do a bit of an acoustic album, because when artists do the same thing all the time, it gets oooold.

The EP seems to say to me that if I were to fall in love with it, it would always be there for me, and I don't doubt that at all.

One For The Team - Best Suporting Actress
One For The Team - Build a Garden

One For The Team will be at the Hi-Dive tonight! 8PM! Take this chance to hear this album the way it ought to be heard. Live! learn the key songs now so you can sing along :)

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