May 28, 2009

Math the Band - Don't Worry
My Thoughts: Love More (<3)

Few albums have expertly honed musical energy as well as Math the Band. Resembling the (now) classic stylings of the genre (whichever it may actually be) set up by Adam Goren (read: Atom and His Package), MtB's mastermind Kevin Steinhauser has come out with what I would like to think is his most fun and ridiculous albums to date (though, admittedly, I have exactly 0 of his first few CDRs). A little short for my taste, but when that is one of two downsides about an album, one can't complain too much.

Don't Worry is, from start to finish, a caffeine high blast of synth notes over hardcore, gritty, low-volume guitars, sextacular bass lines, and body rocking drum beats. I'm not sure how much influence the addition of the new members has had on the songwriting, but I for one think the music by Math the Band has never sounded more full and engaging.

Like I said, there were two downsides to the album, one being that it's rather short. The other is the first and last track tend to drag on a bit. They both repeat the last line about twelve times or more, and after about four I'm usually changing the song.

But, again, when these are my issues with an album, I can't say I'm too unhappy with it. Nicely done Keven + teammates.

Math the Band - Why Didn't You Get a Haircut?
Math the Band - Almost! (removed by request)

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