April 22, 2009

So as you may or may not have noticed, there has kind of been a lack love these past few posts. I mean, I certainly liked the albums I've been writing about, but, White Lies aside, I've really not gone bat shirt crazy over anything. this is mostly because I've been trying to focus more on the things that will ensure my graduation come May 16th, and, because of this, I've mostly just been focusing on albums that people have sent me.

Now, let it be known that I'm not just someone who writes about music because people send me albums and whathaveyou, because if that were the case then I would, for one, never had started a blog, and, two, have only written about a very small amount of albums. I've been focusing on the stuff that's been sent to me because I feel like it takes a lot of gumption to send your music out into the world to have it judged, and I want to encourage this. I respect the artists who send me their music (or have their promotions person do it), and I feel like I have to show that.

But this means that I haven't really had time to focus on the albums that are really making waves in my mind. That's not to say the albums that have been sent to me haven't been spectacular (in some cases it's just the opposite, I absolutely adore them, and I hope I've made it clear), it's just to say that sometimes there are albums that don't quite make it into my inbox, for whatever reason.

What I'm saying is expect to hear what I think is the tip top so far this year.

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