April 9, 2009

"let me leave this grieving sand and sky far behind."

I'm still in the grips of a terrible week full of work and sadness. Okay, okay, life is not that bad. I'm actually a pretty happy dude, save for the paper I'm writing and not having very much fun with. However, with the weekend comes happiness, especially this weekend. those in the know know why. in the mean time, something else I love, a human named John Darnielle, just played a show the other night, and dear geez here's the set list:

[Total Time 1:25:02]
01 [introduction]
02 1 John 4:16
03 Woke Up New
04 [technical problems]
05 Song For Tura Satana
06 Cobscook Bay
07 Going to Lebanon
08 Un RĂªve Plus Long Que la Nuit
09 Going To Kansas
10 The Last Limit of Bhakti
11 You or Your Memory
12 Going to Queens
13 [banter]
14 From TG&Y
15 Dance Music
16 [banter]
17 The Day The Aliens Came (or: Hawaiian Feeling)
18 Ontario
19 So Desperate
20 Color in Your Cheeks
21 Sign of the Crow 2
22 Steps Columns Pillars [John Vanderslice comes out and plays too. dear god thank you.]
23 [banter]
24 Surrounded [JV] (This is that rare "The Comedians" side project song they're probably never going to go anywhere with)
25 See America Right [JV]
26 No Children
27 [encore break]
28 The Sign (Ace of Base)

CAN YOU SAY HOLY FREAKING GOD!? because I know I can. This fellow OVER HERE recorded and is hosting the mp3s over at his site. I'll let him get a few more hits rather than steal his thunderous thundering. Oh, I also stole the pic from his site too.

Album reviews next week by the bucket load. I know I've got more than a few I've promised to have done, and it's time to fulfill that shizzle. Now you know what I'll be listening to for the rest of the weekend, however.

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