October 16, 2008

Arg! Mediafire is down! I'll have a new blog up as soon as mediafire is back. Maybe I should start hosting files on my computer... hmmm...

Re: Monolith: Here's the thing: life has swept me up and I don't think I'll ever be able to give any band I saw at Monolith the write up they deserve, but I do need to say that the show stealer for me was Rock Plaza Central. They rocked my tendons. Everything was just about as awesome as it could be, but RPC sent me straight to heaven. If you're smart, you will never miss Monolith ever again (that is, if you missed it at all. Good on you if you made it this year!). I just pray that Monolith continues to exist, because it is just about the most stellar festival experience Colorado has seen since I've been around. Seriously, I had maybe one of the best experiences of my life, spending the weekend sucking in all that wonderful music with my AMAZING friends/family (not all of which are in the picture, but some of them are. Not everyone could be at Monolith this year, but they were there in our hearts and all that smooshy jazz ;)) ... it'll be something I remember for a long time.

Oh, I also should mention that the people running the Dell Dome were jsut about the most pleasent people on the planet. They took time out of their day to show me around their space, showing me all the things they were doing to heighten everyone's festival expereince, from free hairstyling to hosting interviews. Well done Dell Dome peps, well done!

Here are links to my Facebook Photo Albums for the Monolith pictures:

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JJ said...

how many people in this picture are wearing girl pants?

I would say over 1/2