March 2, 2008

"I Lie Awake Thinking of the Hope That's Laid on Me"

So our next regularly scheduled post that is just bubbling over with music is going to be delayed because of an outrageous amount of homework that I apparently couldn't dream of not putting off which has recently become .. well ... due. So here are a few reviews for today's post and I promise that the next regular post will be along at some point and have even more music than you could imagine ... possibly:

p.s. heard of Freddie Stevenson? This Scottish Singer Songwriter is a hilarious bunch of people in one person. With songs about J.K. Rowling stalking him, how could one not love his music? His new album is due to drop in April, so watch out:

Freddie Stevenson - Easy Now (the J.K. Rowling song)
Freddie Stevenson - If You Don't Kiss Me

O! The Joy - Zen Mode
Verdict: Like () +
We have some serious Mars Volta style Jazz/Rock fans here. Super competent and technical, this band knows what they want and how to get it to show.
O! The Joy - The Fault is Not Mine
O! The Joy - We Will Write The Next Chapter
O! The Joy - Zen Mode

Steve Smith - This Town
Verdict: Like ()
Ex-Dirty Vegas singer's first Solo attempt is a little preachy with the first track, but you can't help but think of it as at least slightly adorable. From that point on it's a pretty bass-filled general rock-from-an-ex-house-DJ-act CD (except when it becomes oddly country influenced), but it's not bad.
Steve Smith - That Town
Steve Smith - Comedown Queen
Steve Smith - Hit Me Up

Steve Smith Live Shows:
02/28 Los Angeles, CA Hotel Café
03/06 New York, NY Knitting Factory w/ The Diggs
03/08 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s
03/12 Austin, TX The Wave

Colin Stetson - New History Warfare, Volume 1
Verdict: Love (<) +
Basically one of the crazier albums I've heard in a while, and, to no shock and awe I imagine, it's a Schizo-Jazzy type of work, ranging from all sorts of influences. This guy has recorded with all your favorite artists (Arcade Fire, Tom Waits, TV on The Radio, Antibalas, Medeski Martin and Wood Burning Spear), so you might want to hear what they all ready think is cliched to say that you like:
Colin Stetson - Groundswell

Colin Stetson - Letter To HST

Colin Stetson Shows:
02/28 Chicago, IL Elastic Arts
03/05 Ann Arbor, Michigan The Kerrytown Concert House
03/15 Philadelphia, PA Gershmann Y Borowsky Gallery (Bowerbird Series)
03/21 Brooklyn, NY Monkeytown CD Release Event
03/22 Brooklyn, NY Monkeytown CD Release Event

The OaKs - Songs For Waiting
Verdict: Love (<)
It's folky and oddly strange (meaning I can't quite place why it's strange, but it is unconventional nonetheless). The album kind of jumps all over place, but has cohesive aspects. The Spooky vocals and upbeat folky guitar are what make this album worth it.
The OaKs - Masood
The OaKs - The Two Calls (of Dietrich Boneoffer)
The OaKs - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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