March 19, 2008

B(l)ogged Down, Pt. 3

Enon - Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds
Verdict: Love More (<3)+
Um, this one is a no-brain-er. Enon Freaking Rocks. Granted my favorite is still Hocus Pocus, but this one is still really rad. This is one of the 07 albums I'm sad I missed out on in 07, because it would have been pretty high on the list of amazing albums.
Enon - Mirror on You
Enon - Colette
Enon - Dr. Freeze
Enon - Sabina

Perimeter - Odium Humani Generis
Verdict: Love (<)
Wow. Harsh/Brutal/etc. So good. Though, may I express my fear that this band might be a Nazi band? because I'm a little afraid that they are, because one of their songs has a title that has the word "Hatecore" in it, and Hatecore is associated with Nazi-ism, and that is SO NOT COOL. So, if they're not Nazi's (which, after stalking them on myspace, I really can't find any evidence that they are), then it's a good album, and I recommend it, because Death Metal is rarely done well, and this is it being done well Granted, it's not as good as the new Heaven Shall Burn album, but it's still pretty impressive. Also, can I mention that there is a horn solo in one of the songs? a song that is Jazzy? nuts.
Perimeter - Blood Red Attitude
Perimeter - The One Great Sterile Death
Perimeter - Total Fuckin' Anti Positive
Perimeter - Watch How We Manage Your Lives (Scene From The Selection) [this is that Jazzy song]

Kelley Stoltz - Circular Sound
Verdict: Like ()
Sweet jingly-jangly popish feel good tunes that honestly didn't hold my for more than about 3 listens, but I did like our time together.
Kelley Stoltz - Tintinnabulation
Kelley Stoltz - When You Forget
Kelley Stoltz - Morning Sun

The Box Social - Get Going
Verdict: Indifferent (~)
Someone recommended these guys to me, so I checked them out. I feel bad because the PR person really was trying to just get these fella's name out there, and I respect hard work, which I try to reward, but the thing is that I didn't much like these guys. They have a few good qualities, but over all it's just not for me. I do like Big T however.
The Box Social - Big T
The Box Social - Pay Attention
The Box Social - A New Low

Yip-Yip - Two Kings of the Same Kingdom
Verdict: Love (<)
You know, I didn't get it at first. Then I thought "you know, this kind of reminds me of Dan Deacon." Then the fact that Dan Deacon's true charm comes from his live shows, so I youtubed the boys of Yip-Yip and checked out their live shows. I have to say my favorite was the video of them playing a Homecoming Dance and everyone just looking confused as hell. Anyway, after watching the videos, I understood that the music really comes to life live. But that doesn't mean that I really want to listen to the music when not seeing Yip-Yip. It's rather enjoyable not live, but I can't imagine that it even compares.
Yip-Yip - Anarchist Clog
Yip-Yip - Sprinkle Council
Yip-Yip - Car Picnic

Promise of Redemption - When the Flower Blooms
Verdict: Didn't Like (ø)
Waaaaaaay over produced. I just couldn't identify with the lyrics, and wasn't interested in how the guitar sounded. The vocals just didn't match with the whole "acoustic guitar" thing either. Sometimes that's good, this time I feel it was not.

Aaron Jerome - Time To Rearrange
Verdict: Love (<)
I didn't want to listen to this album for a while because I expected it to be another crappy singer/songwriter with a guitar (judging books by covers), so when I finially broke down and listened to it, I was wildly surprised to find a jazzy little gem of an album. It's good. Hecka good. Jazzy and beatnickish and hip-hoppy and eff yeah....
Aaron Jerome - Reel Time (feat. Voice)
Aaron Jerome - Time To Rearrange
Aaron Jerome - Light Night Mission (Feat Yungun)

Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
Verdict: Like ()
Ambient and a little too Jam-Band-ish than Post-Rock, but is was soothing. Definitely not redefining music though.
Earth - Omens And Portents I: The Driver
Earth - Omens And Portents II: Carrion Crow

Gates Of Winter - Lux Aeterna
Verdict: Love (<)+
This was another album I was fairly skeptical of at first, but after 2 listens, I really started to enjoy it. It's awkward, there's no doubt to that (strange time signatures), and it's not for everyone (symphonic metal), but if you can get into it, then you'll find a fairly awesome debut album from a group of very talented guys.
Gates Of Winter - Burning Kingdom I: A Dark Affliction
Gates Of Winter - Burning Kingdom II: Heavenly Insurgence
Gates Of Winter - Burning Kingdom III: Lux Aeterna

Lenny Kravitz - It Is Time For A Love Revolution
Verdict: Didn't Like (ø)
Wow. This reinforces my reasoning for not owning a radio or watching much TV (LOST is really the only thing good these days).
Lenny Kravitz - Love Revolution

The Whitsundays - The Whitsundays
Verdict: Like ()
The Whitsundays - I Want It All
The Whitsundays - Sorry James
The Whitsundays - Antisocial

Airbourne - Runnin' Wild
Verdict: Like ()
Starting out the album with a guitar riff reminiscent of a Helloween riff is always going to get you a point or two with me. Airbourne:AC/DC, Wolfmother:Led Zeppelin. I really did have a good time listening to this album, but I don't know if I'd listen to it all the time. Manly Sex Rock.
Aireborne - Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll
Aireborne - Diamond in the Rough
Aireborne - Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women

Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom
Verdict: Like ()
Whoa. I was turned onto this band by my friend Beth who was just as surprised as I was that I hadn't heard of "them." Granted I've got a little bit by just about everything else Mike Patton has done, so I've heard of him, but this album is something different, as one might expect from a Patton LP. It's weird and good, but, as does a lot of Patton's stuff, it still kind of sounds like Faith No More.
Peeping Tom - Sucker (Feat. Norah Jones)
Peeping Tom - Getaway (Feat. Kool Keith)
Peeping Tom - Five Seconds (Feat. Odd Nosdam)

Mahjongg - Kontpab
Verdict: Like ()
I've been trying to think of a way to describe my feelings on this album for a while, but I don't even really know. I think I'm going to need to see them live to "get it." It was good, but I just can't place why...
Mahjongg - Pontiac
Mahjongg - Kottbussor Torr
Mahjongg - Tell The Police The Truth

Blood on the Wall - Liferz
Verdict: Like ()
Mega-Bass driven lo-fi shoegaze punk ... maybe. Like I said, I'm awful at genres, and just say it like I think it is. I liked the album more and more as I listened to it, but I think this is another band I'll just have to see to fully appreciate their sound.
Blood on the Wall - Hibernation
Blood on the Wall - Liferz
Blood on the Wall - Sorry Sorry Sarah

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