August 7, 2007

"Sometimes I Get Drunk And I Scream and I Scream And You Breathe, So I Breathe"

Does anyone know how horrendously difficult it is to type without the use of your middle finger? It's hella hard ... well ... okay it's hard at first, but you get better at it. Anyway... First, this short bit:
I've run into this awesome new band (super super new) called The Nextdoor Neighbors out of what appears to be Olympia, WA. Basically I know nothing more than what their myspace says, as I am not a resident of Olympia. What I can tell from their music and myspace is that these two girls are as fun loving as they are talented (that means I think they're probably really fun loving). Anyway, check them out at their myspace.

(EDIT: Now the songs work! so d/l to your hearts desire)

The Nextdoor Neighbors - Atomic Fabric

Now on with the show:
Tonight Megan (my co-worker) joined me at the Hi-Dive (the first of many shows there this week) after we closed up shop. Who was playing, ask you? Why it was none other than Le Boom, The Comas, and Great Northern!

Megan and I got there rather late (seeming how we both worked the closing shift), so we only got there in time to see Great Northern, but it was hella worth it. But so this blog feels more complete, here are some tunes by The Comas:

The Comas - Invisible Drugs
The Comas - Red Microphone (RAC Remix)
The Comas - All Over The School

Great Northern had one of a most enchanting stage presence, casting a wintery spell on what remained of the night's 21+ crowd. Red and white Christmas lights snaked around keyboards and drums, illuminating the set with their faint glow, giving the band members an almost "camp-councilor-telling-a-ghost-story" style look. Invoking an almost My Bloody Valentine-style wall of sound, they lifted the audience dreamily into their arms, and serenaded us with a lullaby so touching it shook our souls. ... Okay ... that's a bit dramatic ... but it was damn good whatever it was. If you haven't heard their new album yet, then you should basically just give up on trying to stay in touch with good music. If you're not ready to give up so easily, here's a sampler:

Great Northern - Just a Dream
Great Northern - A Sun a Sound
Great Northern - Low Is a Height

Cause=Time is bound to have pictures from the show, so check his stuff out.

Great show. Tonight: Bishop Allen!


JJ said...

post something new slacker


i dont even know why i book mark you


royce said...

dude, you saw great northern? that's awesome! i'm just now getting into them. you lucky sob.