August 2, 2007

"So If Your Love Won't Go, and Your Rivers Don't Flow..."

T'other night I decided to whisk myself away down to one of the local pub/venues by the name of Hi-Dive so see the demi-legend that is Aqueduct.

Opening first was a bunch of guys going by the name of Blitzen Trapper. Imagine if CCR and Bob Dylan were to start a band, and then Vietnam were to cover them. That's what came to (my) mind when I saw them. Love their stuff. (truthfully, they were my favorite act of the night).

Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation
Blitzen Trapper - Summer Town
Blitzen Trapper - The All-Girl Team
Blitzen Trapper - Country Caravan

Next would have been the dynamic duo Smoosh, but Asya and Chloe decided to let their little sister, Maia, play bass (she is, apparently, now an official member of Smoosh). The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this band is this heavy metal cover band that I saw a few weeks ago. This heavy metal cover band was made up of 11-14 year olds. They were good, but, really, only because I just couldn't bring myself to take them seriously, and think anything other than "wow, these kids are good ... for kids." Smoosh is good ... regardless of their age (i.e. they've moved beyond being the novelty act that the 12 year old metal band is). I cannot wait to see what they do in the future, be it with each other, solo projects, or other bands, these girls are going to be astonishing.

Smoosh - Find A Way
Smoosh - This Is Not What We've Become
Smoosh - Pygmy Motorcycle

On next was Aqueduct, the band. As soon as they started I began to appreciate the fact that it was no longer a one man band, because these guys destroyed. Now, I'm not gonna say it was the loudest show I'd ever been to at the Hi-Dive (that'd be the Thermals), but it was damn close. they rocked the indie pop so hard you could have had trouble discerning that it was, in fact, indie pop. Anyway, here's some tunes:

Aqueduct - Growing Up With GNR
Aqueduct - As You Wish
Aqueduct - Just The Way I Are

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