April 27, 2007

"That'd be an Awesome Song title!"

So, there is this show. It goes by the name of Metalocalypse, and it' s probably one of the best damn things to have ever existed ... ever. Since it's about the rise of a band, I figured it'd be pertinent enough to have in my blog. This show combines skillfully played music, flash animation, and comedy, and does so effectively.

I'm going to be doing a weekly, or, possibly, a bi-weekly post on them, until I've posted every episode, because it's worth it. I could just do them all right here and now, but, really, if you wanted you see all of them right here and now, you'd just go to youtube. otherwise, just check back once and a while, and there will be an update.

Here is The first episode:

The Curse of Dethklok Part 1

The Curse of Dethklok Part 2

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