April 29, 2007

"Against the Peruvian Monster!"

Ooooh, awkward. (a frame from the Perry Bible Fellowship webcomic, possibly one of the best resources for fun blog pictures.)

A couple weeks ago I went to the circus, or, at least, it felt like I did. Experiencing a Man Man show is like having an elephant do the rumba on a drum the size of two trampolines lined with cymbals, xylophones, and clowns, on fire ... electric fire.

Opening for Man Man (at Club 156 in Boulder) was Mannequin Makeout, Denver local band lead by the vocal phenomenon that is Brittany of Married in Berdichev!, and joined by the pianist and singing extrodanaire Inbar of Public Transit, both of which are on (or make up a part of) Still Soft Recordings.

Mannequin Makeout - Russian Soiree
Married in Berdichev! - Sweet, Sweet Summer
Public Transist - Circus Minute

After the dance party that was Mannequin Makeout took the stage, and after much waiting while the massive set-up that Man Man performed on was being, in fact, set up, Man Man took the stage. What happened after that can only be explained if to you if you were there, or have heard Man Man live before. In order to help you understand how astonishing they are, here is a live set recorded by the nice people at NPR. I had to put the titles to the tracks, and not being the biggest "Man Man-head," I just couldn't figure out what some of the songs are. Sorry. It's good despite.

Band: Man Man
Date: 2006-06-30
Venue: 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.

Engwish Bwudd
Young Eienstein On The Beach/Against The Peruvian Monster
Hot Bat/(Unknown)
Black Mission Goggles
10lb Moustache
Push The Eagle's Stomach
Spider Cider
Ice Dogs Pt. 1
Ice Dogs Pt. 2

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