January 9, 2007

You'd think this would have been my first post...

You'd think that since the Prodigy was my absolute favorite band ever I'd've posted a show by them sooner that this. Just goes to show ya... well ... I'm sure it shows something.

The Prodigy, after basically dieing off after Liam Howlett decided to wait 5 years before releasing any new music, and with release of that god-awful single "Baby's Got a Temper" nearly being the last nail in the coffin, they attempted to come back with the long awaited (7 years) 4th album, Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. I, for one, never actually expected it to ever be released. I must say though, it was a good effort. It was no Fat of the Land, but, then again, nothing ever will be.

While AONO had it's awesome singles, Girls, Spitfire, Hotride, but, all in all, America failed to notice that they returned, and with good reason: The Prodigy America knew no longer existed. America saw The Prodigy as an Electronic Punk band, and nothing else. What they failed to notice was that Liam Howlett never stuck to one sound, most times he didn't even stick to it long enough to produce an entire album of it. (However, Liam Howlett, at his core, never changed. On each of his albums his style of sampling and basic beat structures were always the same). This spells trouble for Liam and his boys, because that means that, unless Liam has his finger firmly on the pulse of what is in and what is not and wishes to go against his instincts (which would be to make music that he wants to make) and make music that is soully what is "in" (whatever that means), The Prodigy will never be on top of the world again. (my proof that they were at one point is that everyone has heard at least 10 seconds of 1 song off of The Fat Of The Land, regardless of whether or not they know it is, in fact, the Prodigy).

This doesn't much phase me, and I'm certain it doesn't phase Liam, Keith, or Maxim, because wherever they go, they sell out, and have a damn good time up on stage regardless. This show really portrays that I think. It's an exciting show for me, because it also shows me how much potential Liam still has. Everything The Prodigy is pumping out points to 1 thing for me: the next album is gonna be killer.

This is the best (quality) recording of The Prodigy that I have ever heard, if not the best (again, in quality) live recording I've ever heard of anyone.

Band: The Prodigy
Date: 2005-08-18
Venue: Pukkelpop Festival, Kempische steenweg, Kiewit (Hasselt), Belgium

Symphonic Intro
Wake Up Call
Wake the Fuck Up
No Good Fill
Their Law
Spitfire '05
Back 2 School
Firestarter + Action Radar Fill
Voodoo People '05
Method Beat (Poison Chapter 2 (HyperSpeed Remix))
Smack My Bitch Up
Out of Space

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