January 9, 2007

I suppose I have to start some time

there was a time when I read one blog, and that blog was called rBally. I've not seen a blog that was as up to snuff on music blogging as the guy who wrote rBally. But, then again, that's just my opinion. since it's supposed death, I branched out and found a few blogs I could relate to. (as I later found out rBally had not died, but, instead, just shut down for a while because of some error in the system). but, I suppose, that was the problem: there were only a few blogs I could relate to. I would like to hope that this is a blog that more than just I can relate to. I'd call that a goal, but who needs ambition in this day and age? I'm REALLY just in this because I love music, and, try as I might to get my friends to listen to the music I think is amazing, they don't much care. But, in my experience, not to many people are extraordinarily passionate about music.

I am.

So, I suppose, I'll start this dang thing :).

I love the Mountain Goats (pictured above). If you have not heard of them, well, now you have. A wonderful thing happened late last year while John Darnielle was on tour: he got sick and nearly had to cancel a show or two. why wonderful? because he went on and did the show. This is not wonderful for the reason Save as Draftit is wonderful when the mentally challenged football played scores the winning goal, or when the black sheep of the family gets his brother into a political office because and despite of his blundering, but simply because of how wonderful Mountain Goats fans can be. don't understand? listen to the full set and you will. if you want to skip ahead in the lesson to get to the point (while bypassing all of the important material), then listen to the version of "No Children." For those of you well versed in the Mountain Goat's doings around town, this will prolly not be new to you, but for everyone else, it's the most magical song I've heard in longer than I can remember.

Artist: The Mountain Goats
Date: 2006-06-13
Venue: Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco, CA

Wild Sage
You or Your Memory (Acoustic)
Half Dead (Acoustic)
Going to Monaco (Clear Version)
Running Away With What Freud Said (Clear Version)
Get Lonely (first try)
Sail On (Clearer Version)
The Lady From Shanhai
Get Lonely (Acoustic and Bass Version)
There Will Be No Divorce
No Children (Very Special Version)
Dance Music (Acoustic)
Your Belgian Things
It Froze Me
Love Love Love (Acoustic)
Woke Up New (Acoustic)
House Guest (Nothing Painted Blue Cover) (Soft Version)
Whole Wide World
[Merch Adlib]
California Song (Acoustic)

there ya have it, my first post. take care. I'll prolly post again soon.

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