June 4, 2013

Retroview: Tuff Fest I: Movie 17: Restrepo

A Retroview Review. 
Luke here, back with a new limited series where I talk about like 60 movies over the next 60 days. Click here for an explanation. Read on for the quick and dirty review!

I was previously unaware that I was as effected by the slew of wars over the past decade, mostly because, as far as I could tell, there'd always been a war, so it was just kind of a normal state. I didn't have any friends in the war because I was too young, and I didn't have any relatives in the war because they were too old. But now I'm at the point where I've got old neighbors coming home from the war ... or not. Thoughts about this have been slowly seeping in, but nothing could have compared me for Restrepo (Reh-strep-oh). You're introduced to actual people, some of which, by the end of the movie, are no longer alive. You see them laugh and joke around, and you see them in fire fights, and while you never actually see any bloodshed, it occurs off camera, it's just as terrifying, if not more, than if you were actually watching it. Before watching this documentary, my stance on the war was a general dislike, and a desire to see the troops come home. After seeing it, my stance has changed to me never wanting war to have ever existed ever. An incredibly powerful and important movie, I'm afraid that Restrepo will never get the circulation it truly deserves.

-Luke Hunter James-Erickson
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