April 8, 2012

SLM Mixtape: #13: Peripatetic

1) Phoenix - Martina Topley Bird
2) Glory To The World - El Perro Del Mar
3) Fire - Sister Irene O'Connor
4) Hollow - Sonic Adventure Project
5) The Future - Austra
6) Day To Day - The Ting Tings
7) Mother - The Golden Filter
8) Playing House - Active Child

Also, I'm going to take a week off of work next week, and watch movies for 10 days straight.  So I decided to finally finish up my reviews of the movies I watch the last time I did that.  I'll update the new reviews for Tuff Fest II on both this blog and the movie blog I contribute to, but, for now, read the start of the last of my reviews of the movies I watched last time:


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