January 16, 2009

school has started and I'm really late on my finishing my "best of" list and I'm fairly ashamed by that, but since I'm my own boss, I get to fire myself, then feel bad for what I assume my employee's (that's still me) family might be forced to go through (I never get to know my employees well enough to learn if they have families or not, so I'm left to assume about me) now that I'm fired so I hire myself and ask me to get it done over the weekend. I promise to me that I will and I guess we'll see if I come through.

surreal. I'll have something up later today that will hopefully make up for my absence. I think it's awesome.

Pictures For Sad Children has shown me the way. Never again will I do a year end best of list. unless I get a strange desire to do so. After the stress I've been under this winter so far to do it (and that's self-imposed stress at that), I don't think that will be a problem:

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