February 22, 2008


This band named HEALTH came to town, and I went to see them, because that's what you do when HEALTH comes to town. It was at Rhinoceropolis, so it started somewhere around 10PM and went until Late-O'clock, but that's part of the charm of Rhinoceropolis. As luck would have it the batteries for my audio recorder were dead, so this time I only had the camera. Oh well, maybe one day both of them will be working at the same time.

Anyway, the first band was a new group by the name of Hot White. Being somewhere in the range of 16 years old, I have to hand it to them for not only having the balls to play this type of music, but do it at Rhino ... but, then again, I was ignorant to most things this hip when I was 16, so maybe this is a trend that will become more prevalent. I personally hope so. That said, they were all right. Not the best thing ever, but I pride effort over performance with bands like this, which is sometimes a fault of mine. After their performance they handed out free white Hanes shirts with "Hot" spray-painted on it. Now all I want to know is whether or not it'll ruin my other clothes if I wash them together. I guess I'll just have to find out... Anyway, I honestly expect to see these guys to some good in the music scene, just listen to their demos:

Hot White - Ocho
Hot White - De Ocho
Hot White - Song Four

Up next was Everybody's Stomached. Their performance reminded me of a more noise oriented version of High Places, with a percussionist and a singer, except the percussionist also played what looked like an electric ukulele and the singer also played guitar. I only got one good photo of them, and it's of the singer so that's that. They were interesting but I really couldn't really make out much of what was going on. If that was the point, then well done fellas. I can't find any music site for them, so I guess if you're interested in them, just watch for fliers.

Legendary HEALTH began to set up shortly after, and that took a little while, which gave the crowd ample time to ... well ... crowd the front. Julio, who was there to see HEALTH and to a photo essay for the Denver Post, was promptly pushed right up and next to me. HEALTH began, and the crowd went nuts sending many people flying in different directions (including Julio who ended up breaking his flash a little bit). Dance Noise Math Punk, my friends, is ... well ... Freaking rad when HEALTH plays it. The room was nuts for their entire set, rarely letting up. I wish I could see them every night.

HEALTH - Crimewave
HEALTH - Triceratops
HEALTH - Heaven
HEALTH - Perfect Skin

After HEALTH were all packed up, the majority of the audience left, which was really a shame, because Pictureplane was up last. After he set up, the lights were dimmed and he shit was turned way up. The crowd was in a rowdy mood after HEALTH, so Travis' stuff was almost knocked over a few times, but everything turned out all right, the new songs were very well received, and everyone who stayed had a bombastic time, including me.

Pictureplane - Found Too Low RMX (Featuring Zach Condon of Beruit)
HEALTH - Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix)
Pictureplane - double sets of lungs now

Go here to get a Pictureplane live set I recorded a long time ago (if it's not working and you still want it, let me know, sometimes those old links die pretty quickly)

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